ADI Recruitment

We are recruiting now!!! Manual and Automatic driving instructors.


What Do You Need In Your Business?


Running a driving school can be great fun, but as a manger of your own school you have a lot to contend with.


From keeping up to date with the latest training, to marketing, websites, answering the phone It actually takes a fair bit of money and time to get your school on the road so to speak.


However you could outsource all of those needs by joining our driving school franchise.


It’s just one easy weekly or monthly payment and then let us do the rest.


SLM School of Motoring believes that you need to be earning before you begin paying a franchise. Therefore your franchise will not begin until 30 days after we have given you your tenth pupil.


Straight away you will gain on time to either spend that with your family or more teaching hours.


At SLM School of Motoring we want you feeling great, and we are always interested to having a chat with friendly ADIs who want to feel a part of a team.


So if you are a committed ADI / PDI who feels that you could be part of a growing driving school give me a call for an informal chat.


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Shaun Murphy