Part Trained: Can you drive..?

Maybe you have been driving with friends and family or perhaps with another driving instructor. Wherever you have gained your experience you do not see yourself as a beginner.


Ok perhaps there could be one or two basics you would like to brush up upon, but on the whole you are a part trained learner needing to finish off the job of passing your driving test…so let’s do it!


On your first lesson we will ask you about your experience and ask you to show us what you can do.


There is no pressure, just relax and drive. Of course we will keep you safe and we will also be making notes to determine how good you are and what you need to learn and practise.


It’s your first lesson that is going to save you money because from this point we’ll make your personal plan to pass your driving test.


You won’t have to re learn anything you are already good at, we can’t see the point in that, but you will be practising until you are safe and test standard.


If you have already passed your theory we will look at your standard of driving and work out a training plan just for you. If you are close to test standard we will possibly advise you to allow us to book your test after the first lesson as there are waiting lists. These are set by the DVSA and SLM School of Motoring has no control over this.


We can then adjust the number of lessons you need to the waiting list. So for example if you need 15-20 hours of more tuition and the next driving test is 5 weeks away, you can do 3-4 hours a week. No point in hanging about is there?


So pick up the phone and call us now


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